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Our first Old English Sheepdog was born in June 1979.

Mother's Darling Anna Afrodite "Ditte". Grandparents Intuch, Norduch, Big Deal of The Embages Norduch. Shaggy Dog's Biggan Mini-Miss. We bought her from Doris Einarsson in Huskvarna. Ditte took part in dogshows with good results. She was mated 1983 with Int. Norduch. Cedarhill's Fabulous Forward and she got 8 puppies - 2 males and 6 bitches. Most of them took part in dogshows with good results - cc, B.O.B, Best bitch.

Most well known are:

White Grey's Mum's Darling - Before 3 years of age she got 3cc and her title by the famous judge Harry Jordan from England.

White Grey's Morning Star - She had 3 litters at Brightwhites kennel and had well known children.

White Grey's Moon Daisy - We kept her.

Mother's Darling Anna Afrodite had 2 more litters with lovely puppies, very attractive.

1980 Anna Afrodite needed a friend and her sister Mother's Darling Miss Blondie "Blondie" came to us. She succeeded very well, but unfortunately died suddenly, 2 years old.

Ditte was again so alone so we bought another bitch at the same kennel in 1981, Mother's Darling White Grey Charm "Charmis". She became Such.Nuch and had a litter 1986 (after discussion with Eva Fabiansson). The happy father was Nuch. Likeabear Attention Please - very successful - most winning in 1986 in Norway. Charmis got 5 bitches and 5 males. 3 boys stayed in our family.

Such.Nuch. Mother's Darling White Grey Charm "Charmis"

Int.Such.Nuch. White Grey's Dad's Darling "Teddy"

Int.Such. White Grey's Daydreamer "Rufs"

White Grey's Dedicated to you "Pandy" became 13 years of age and his sister White Grey's Deep Purple "Fluffy" who had a lovely home with family Bergman died summer 2001 nearly 15 years old.

1994 Regencyblue mated their bitch "Sophomore" with frozen sperm after Diane Anderson's male Likeabear Attention Please.

Regencyblue SilverCloud "Cloudy" came in the summer - Our 3 boys loved her. "very very cute" was everybodies opinion. She was successful, but unfortunately she died at 4 years of age. Probably rat poisoned.


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